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6 Major Myths Related To E-Cigarettes

Traditional tobacco smoking is considered very harmful and the number one cause of lung cancer. This is the reason why most of the people have started to opt for a trendy way to quench nicotine demand in the body. You can get the best and different flavors of vape juice for your e-cigarette by logging on to www.eliquid-depot.com. One can use these vapes in different types of devices viz. e-cigarettes, coils, pens, etc. Though vaping is considered as a safe and secure, there are many myths associated with it.

Some myths which are needed to get debunked

1. E-cigarettes contain harmful nicotine

You can choose the amount of nicotine in your e-cigarette according to your tolerance level. This is considered one of the most important aspects of e-cigarettes in comparison to traditional ones. Thus, one doesn’t become addicted to nicotine content which also protects him or her from getting prone to lung cancer.

2. It causes harm to bystanders

Unlike traditional smoking, bystanders don’t get any harm. Thus, you can easily vape it in a public place. The basic component of liquid used in an e-cigarette is composed of glycerine, varieties of flavors, propylene glycol and nicotine. Nowadays, there are liquids with no nicotine as well. When you vape the liquid then there is no emission of side-streaming vapors, thus there are no chances of passing vaping.

3. Your e-cigarettes have a risk of exploding

E-cigarettes contain tested batteries which are very safe to use, just like the batteries of your mobile devices. Thus, it is very safe to carry them. Moreover, you shouldn’t carry a loose battery in your pocket which can short circuit and can create a problem for you.

4. The process of vaping is expensive

When you are on traditional cigarettes then you have to purchase matchstick box or a lighter, along with the pack of cigarette which compounds to high budget every year. Contrary to this, vaping lets you save a considerable amount of money as you get to choose vape according to the nicotine content. In some of the e-cigarettes, you also get to look at the amount of liquid which you had vaped. Thus, one can keep a track about how much he or she vapes daily.

5. The younger generation is becoming addicted to e-cigarettes

Most importantly, you get to choose the level of nicotine which is not an option with traditional cigarettes. This process is considered safe as non-smokers can choose vape without nicotine content, they can use it as refreshment as there are many flavors to choose from. On the other hand, smoking addicts can keep a check on their addiction with the use of this product.

6. You get popcorn lungs due to smoking e-cigarettes

This is another myth which is gaining high popularity among people. In general traditional cigarette contains diacetyl in higher amount in comparison to electronic cigarettes. Thus, if you vape e-liquids then you are at low risk of getting popcorn lungs in comparison to traditional cigarettes.